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Originally Slovak, I’ve been living in Italy for 25 years and I’m totally in love with this beautiful country.

I‘ve travelled the „Bel Paese“ far and wide. My foreign perpective helps me catch all those habits Italians take for granted, such as their unique cuisine or the morning espresso at the bars. I admire the Italian’s creativity and expansive character.

Now, let me be your guide and share my experience with you.


I’m proud to be Italian because of our flexible lifestyle. We solve (almost) every problem in a practical and friendly way. However, Italy is famous for such freedom in politics  too, but that’s a matter for the newspapers

In a nutshell: I love electronics, music, videomaking and photograhy too. My mixed origins give me good language agility, which I use to sex up pure information and turn each blog entry into a journey. That said, Italians are well-known for their poor English, and I’m no exception, so feel free to correct me!

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