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Delicious Italy

Get a taste of some Italian cuisine for free, while the full version is being completed for you. BUON APPETITO! 

Italians are the healthiest population in the world!
They are radiant, full of life, vital, chaotic and genially creative, and their diet reflects each of these characteristics.
Their meals are simple, yet unique, with unmistakable smells and special flavors.

Anyone can grow basil, but they created Pesto!
Anyone can grow tomatoes and eggplant, but they created Parmigiana!
They took coffee and created Espresso! They added milk and created Cappuccino!
While no one knows who invented pasta, Italians made pasta their national brand!
Everyone has milk, but they created Parmigiano and Mozzarella!

Genial creators!
They add passion to everything they do, and that is why their cuisine is so heavenly.

The e-book Delicious Italy is divided into 4 parts: Italy on the Plate, Italian Pasta, Fish and Meat, La Dolce Vita.

Italy on the Plate

Italian Pasta

Fish and Meat

La Dolce Vita