In March a few years ago, Mount Etna was covered with 3 metres of snow! Maybe you didn´t know, but it also hosts a ski resort… yes, skiing in Sicily! Sometimes even with natural fireworks! When the volcano is blowing, the whole Italy watches this extraordinary beauty. Scientists claim that this mountain is much more predictable than Mount Vesuvius, which has been quiet for almost 2000 years. Its eruption would be a catastrophe.

The foot of the hill is very fertile with fantastic soil that grows everything. There are endless rows of olives, lemons and oranges. You can surround yourself with the delicate smell of citruses. Oranges with blood-colored flesh are the most valuable.



The most beautiful view of Mount Etna is likely from Taormina village. Visit the ruins of an ancient greek amphitheater above the village and witness the literally breathtaking view. The beauty is unspeakable. You´ll stand in speechless amazement. During sunsets, you’ll enjoy that athmosphere the best!



If you wish to enjoy the great taste of the famous sicilian dessert CANNOLO SICILIANO, look for a small patisserie called Laboratorio Pasticceria Roberto, Via Calapitrulli, 9 Taormina: a crunchy tube filled with fine Ricotta made of sheep´s milk with chocolate beads and citrus peel.


And if you accompany this snack with a glass of sweet dessert wine (e.g. passito di Panteleria)… perhaps while sitting on the stairs of an amphitheater and enjoying the view on Mount Etna, then you‘ll realize you have stepped into paradise.

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