I’ve been using olive oil for over 20 years now. For everything.
For salad dressings, cooking and baking. Even all over my body as skin oil.
Why specifically olive oil?
Because it has no cholesterol.
“Just like any other vegetable oil”, you’d say.
Because it is packed with vitamin E.
“Sunflower oil has more”, you might add.
At this moment, I‘d probably smile and tell you:
“But the extra virgin olive oil is the only unrefined oil that excellently handles even high temperatures.”


“But it’s expensive…”
And isn’t our health THE MOST valuable thing we own?

How much does your favorite facial moisturizer, your body lotion or your body oil cost?
Just think about how much you are willing to spend on various vitamins, nutrition supplements (and those are definitely not cheap), minerals, and even fiber pills!

Fiber is everywhere, all you have to do is just put it on your plate. If we adhered to smartly balanced nutrition like Italians, who have  5 secretsthat help them live longer and age in good health, we wouldn’t need any of these pharmaceutical wonders.

I’m talking about a normally functioning body without serious diagnoses. Cooking with quality oil is a foundation of good nutrition. My personal opinion is that if not olive oil, I’d rather choose lard, which has a great high- heat resistance (260°C). But back to olive oil – and by olive oil I always mean extra virgin.


Olive oil is the only vegetable oil with high percentage of monounsaturated fat, which guarantees its stability, high-heat resistance (olive oils of the top quality – up to 220°C) and longevity. Top quality olive oil will last even months after its expiration date, but only if it is stored in a dark and cold place. And now a bit of chemistry, just a tiny bit though, just so you can see the difference:

Saturated butyric acid

Monounsaturated oleic acid


Notice the yellow circle.
Monounsaturated fatty acid has a double bond with a “deviation”- twist, variation – call it what you want, but olive oil is fluid thanks to this double bond, which prevents the molecules from packing tightly.
In short, they must keep a discreet distance, and our body loves this discreet distance – that is fluidity.
And my doctor also loves this fluidity when she reads my blood test results. I am in love with olive oil and simply cannot hide my excitement. I look at it as a wonder of some kind (now, that is my deviation).
For me, it is a combination of sun and hot Italian wind in a bottle.