The main square Piazza del Campo provides no benches at all, but who cares? There is enough space on the ground. Pretty much like in a comfortable living room, people bring small refreshment and feast together on the shiny floor of this beautiful square shaped like an amphitheatre.

Groups of people of any age meet here, debate, laugh, enjoy their ice creams or some good wine. Some bring beach blankets and picnic baskets. Children run around happily, until they get tired and fall asleep in the arms of content fathers. Couples in love of any age sit entangled and blend in with the peaceful evening atmosphere.

An indescribable chill-out.

I, as well, feel like being glued to the stone ground. I‘ve been staring at the movement, the life for hours…and cannot get enough of this pleasant atmosphere.

During the graduation period, the surrounding bars are full of happy just-graduated students, celebrating their success. Despite such a volume of people, everything is…how to name it…neat, peacefully joyful, and heavenly pleasant, without the common Italian chaos.
It is such an unusual atmosphere compared to the wild life in Bologna or the mystical dimension of Assisi.

And this is just one of the many reasons to come to Siena. To find out more, check my travel eBook “From Venice to Assisi”.

Have a nice day!